Mark Enlow of Enlow and Associates Discusses the Recent Expansion of Clean Technology

Enlow and Associates

July 6, 2021

Mark Enlow of Enlow and Associates Discusses the Recent Expansion of Clean Technology

Mark Enlow of Enlow and Associates recently discussed the expansion of clean technology. 

Clean technology is the future. Mark Enlow, CEO of Enlow and Associates recently discussed the growing industry of clean technology and how it’s going to affect all aspects of life.

“Clean technology is a competitive industry that is growing at a rapid rate,” Enlow said. “The success of your company can come down to the knowledge your leading team holds. Our mission is to provide your company or firm with unrivaled candidates for your executive team.”

Enlow and Associates is a company with more than 40 years of experience in sourcing talent for major businesses. They are experts in hiring executives for businesses and corporations in numerous markets, including energy and renewables, healthcare, engineering, and more.

“As a society, seeking sources of cleaner energy is absolutely essential,” Enlow said. “It’s something that needs to be done quickly to protect future generations from the further harms of pollution, dangerous chemicals, and more. The imminence of the situation is much of what is making this industry grow so fast. You need the best executives in the industry to help your company stay on top.”

Another major advantage of renewable energy is that it is almost always cheaper than the energy we’re currently using from fossil fuels. Prices for solar panels and battery packs are constantly dropping, making the technology more accessible to a much wider population. Demand for clean technology is expected to continue rising at an exponential rate.

“This shift to more sustainable technology is expected to save thousands of lives per year while saving billions of dollars in health problems associated with the fossil fuels we’re currently using,” Mark Enlow said. “The American Lung Association stated that $72 billion in healthcare costs would be saved if vehicles were entirely electric by 2040.”

Enlow stated that companies shouldn’t wait any longer to develop top-notch executive teams. Enlow and Associates offers unrivaled hiring capabilities that have already been used by companies like 8 Minute Solar Energy, ArrayCon, Alion Energy, Blink, EDF Renewables, and dozens more.

“At Enlow and Associates, we know that people are the power behind your business, and your success is highly reliant on your executive team,” Mark Enlow said. “We offer in-depth insight into the industry of clean technology that allows us to find the top talent for you. We’ll source the best executives in the industry and help you with other aspects of hiring, such as recruitment and retention.”

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