Mark Enlow Discusses the Importance of the North Bay Children’s Center

Enlow and Associates

April 22, 2021

Mark Enlow Discusses the Importance of the North Bay Children’s Cente

Philanthropist Mark Enlow recently discussed the importance of the North Bay Children’s Center.

The North Bay Children’s Center (NBCC) has been improving the lives of children in the Bay Area for decades. The mission of this organization is to provide children with an equal opportunity for success despite their socio-economic standing, race, and other factors. Mark Enlow donated $1 million to the North Bay Children’s Center, and he recently discussed why he feels this organization is so important.

“The Bay Area is known as an area of wealth, but there are so many children who fall between the cracks because of this,” Mark Enlow said. “The North Bay Children’s Center provides the highest level of education for these kids, so they have the same opportunities as their peers.”

Enlow added that the curriculum at NBCC is focused on being anti-biased. It is designed to help kids find their unique identity in our diverse society. The founders of the organization have marked the numerous benefits of high-quality early education. They acknowledge the widening gap between children who grow up in economically secure homes and those who do not. Many times, those who do not grow up in these types of homes don’t receive quality early education or don’t receive early education at all.

“I support this organization, because I believe in what it stands for,” Mark Enlow said. “Kids shouldn’t be left behind just because of a family’s financial standing. These kids deserve the same high-quality education as those who do grow up in wealthier homes.”

Thanks to donations like that given by Mark Enlow, the NBCC now serves more than 600 children in 13 separate locations. The organization has been able to more than double the number of kids it serves in the last five years.

“Quality education is essential to the success of the individual, and it’s also essential to the success of the community,” Mark Enlow said. “I’m thankful that my donation goes toward enriching the lives of these kids as well as the future of our community.”

Enlow encouraged others to donate to the North Bay Children’s Center if possible. Donations can be made in a matter of seconds on the website. Donors can choose between making a one-time donation or setting up recurring monthly donations. All donations support the children and programs at North Bay Children’s Center locations in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma, Novato, and Healdsburg.