Mark Enlow and Talent Recruiting in the Age of COVID-19

Enlow and Associates

February 26, 2021

Mark Enlow Talent Recruiting in the Age significant

Mark Enlow knows that 2020 has been a challenging year for talent recruiters and agents

Not only has the economic downturn caused a slowdown in hiring, but Covid-19 restrictions meant that recruiters had to reinvent the way they find truly experienced employees and how they interview, hire, and onboard those recruits. Here is where Mark Enlow believes companies need a contingency plan.

Mark Enlow suggests a new talent recruiting model

While the sit-down, face-to-face interview may not be completely dead, especially at the tail end of recruiting a viable prospect, Mark Enlow knows there are several recruiting touchpoints before arriving at this successful goal. A new recruiting talent model must include multiple engagement levels between the candidate, the recruiting firm, and the contracted employer. Executive search firms like Enlow and Associates must first proactively identify talent, then leverage available technology to connect with talent.

Many companies may need to shift their in-person operations to virtual sessions and hiring events with socially-distanced recruiting panels. While this information is not new, new is how one can engage prospective recruits and lead them to a successful hire. Mark Enlow suggests that virtual events may be a critical part of the future, even after the current pandemic.

Why? Because virtual interviews are proven to be more efficient. They require less time and saves both parties the costs and time it takes to travel. Ultimately leading to more jobs filled with fewer resources used. Nevertheless, Mark Enlow knows that this will only hold if recruiting agents put technology to the task of automating many of the discovery, vetting, applying, and interview functions.

Talent recruiting tools in the age of COVID

Mark Enlow knows that many executive search agents may be working from home right now. Therefore, recruiting teams are already familiar with some technology tools that can facilitate staff productivity when interviewing prospective clients. There will come a time when executive search agencies will need recruiting tools that fit their business model and the way they do business, mainly if they use Zoom or Skype. Some features that will specifically benefit recruiting firms include:

Company branded screens
Automated interview and admin reminders
Live on-demand video interviews
Pre-recorded video interviews
One-on-one or panel interviews

As Mark Enlow sees it, artificial intelligence is playing a more significant role in the candidate search and discovery process. AI recruiting can offer productivity gains of up to 80% over traditional methods. Moreover, when an unbiased opinion concerning a prospect is needed, AI can offer a data-driven point-of-view. AI can harness employee information across multiple channels, including social media posts, high school records, and more.