Mark Enlow Shares Insights Gleaned from 41+ Years of Recruiting Experience

Enlow and Associates

May 29, 2021

Mark Enlow

Enlow and Associates are all about empowering your firm with the right talent. As any successful business owner understands, success depends on having the right team with the right backgrounds. Enlow and Associates is a leader in recruiting strategies to meet the unique needs of Silicon Valley businesses. We spoke with Mark Enlow, founder, and CEO of Enlow and Associates’ about some of the valuable insights the company has developed in its 41+ years of experience in HR outsourcing. Here’s a glimpse of what we learned.

Mark Enlow Shares Insights Gleaned from 41+ Years of Recruiting Experience

Mark Enlow is a consummate, veteran recruiter. That’s why Enlow and Associates has become a leading recruiting firm working in one of the most demanding job markets in the world, California’s Silicon Valley. It’s a place where alpha-level leaders like Steve Jobs have set the bar for productivity and innovation. Today’s workers are both more capable and more demanding than ever. Here are a few insider tips Mark Enlow shared with us.

Mark Enlow, Enlow and Associates

Everyone on your team is a recruiter

Everyone who works for your company in any capacity is a representative of your organization. If they seem happy, professional, and conscientious, then people will be impressed. If not, well… that’s a problem. You should treat your team well, and expect to be well represented by them, Mark Enlow tells us. Invest in them.

Intake meetings are non-negotiable

Anyone who joins your team should be formally greeted, oriented, and equipped to become a seamless part of your workforce. All too often, as Mark Enlow explains, new talent is hired, signed up, and thrown to the wolves. Maybe that’s a good strategy if you’re looking for cunning pirates- but not if you’re looking for experienced, qualified, and plugged-in talent.

Take your position postings seriously

You want qualified people who take the opportunity and the job seriously. So why would you create a half-baked job posting? These things should be professionally written, easy to understand, and get right to the point. They should not confuse, frighten, or mislead, Mark Enlow says. So make sure you get them right.

Be on social media

Having a well-put-together social media presence is a nice way to give prospective employees a chance to get to know your organization. It’s also a good way to get access to important information on possible new members of your team.

Create a pipeline

Maintain relationships with previous top applicants, Mark Enlow advises. Even an applicant who you have previously turned away will have valuable experience with your firm just by having gone through the hiring process. They are also likely to know what skills they need to get hired on a second try. So make sure to give them a shot if they want it, and reach out to the best ones once in a while.

With over 41 years of experience, Mark Enlow is a respected leader in recruiting, working with the challenges of today’s fluid workplace. While many California firms seem bent on doing recruiting on their own, the professionals at Enlow and Associates have proven that your best bet is to work with the pros.

Mark Enlow